Person meditating outdoors in a peaceful garden setting, surrounded by greenery.



What would be better than turning your holiday into a learning experience for a new, healthy lifestyle that you can continue when you return back home. At Kavya, pay homage to nature, local culture and pure environment by indulging in a spiritual retreat in several forms. So visit this epicenter of beauty, peace and holistic healing to completely disconnect and reboot your inner system.


Hand pouring oil from a small pot onto a person’s hand.

Experience our Traditional Himalayan Treatment—a soothing full-body massage that targets deep muscles with various sztrokes and kneading techniques. Enjoy moderate to deep pressure to relax muscles and promote overall relaxation and rejuvenation.

Woman lying on a massage table with hot stones on her back.

Indulge in our Himalayan Hot Stone Treatment—a relaxing massage using heated basalt lava stones to melt away stress and ease muscle tension. Feel deeply relaxed as warm stones mould to your body, soothing and energising with every comforting touch.

Woman receiving an Ayurvedic oil treatment on her forehead.

Enjoy our Siro Abhyanga (Himalayan head massage) with aromatic oils. Relax as tension melts away, blood circulation improves, and chronic head and neck issues are eased. Feel refreshed with shiny, nourished hair and relieved of insomnia, migraines, dry scalp, and itching.

Woman using herbal pouches to massage a man's back.

Ease tension in your neck and shoulders with our Tension Relief treatment. Enjoy the soothing touch of warm blended oils and effective pressure point techniques, designed to alleviate both physical and emotional stress in these key areas.

Foot being massaged by a therapist.

This therapy uses targeted pressure on specific reflex points in the hands and feet to treat or prevent illness and boost the body's energy flow.

Sunlight gleaming into the room that has huge glass windows | Kavya Resort & Spa, Nagarkot

Rediscover nature and yourself with private yoga sessions led by experts. Embrace Nagarkot's stunning green season, nourishing your mind, body, and spirit, and enjoy a personalised dinner to enhance your journey toward well-being.

Person meditating outdoors in a peaceful garden setting, surrounded by greenery.

At Kavya, enjoy tranquil days filled with mindfulness activities and spa treatments. Start with a detoxifying breakfast and end with deep sleep in our villas. Nestled on Nagarkot's hilltop, we offer all-inclusive packages with incredible activities.

A front shot of three people sitting on the grass and meditating | Kavya Resort & Spa, Nagarkot

Kavya Transcend Retreat offers a rejuvenating experience to help you connect with your inner self. Through systematic transcendental meditation, yoga, and pranayama, you’ll form habits that improve physical health, reduce stress, and foster calmness and inner peace.

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